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The origin of this place is connected with the art of fishing, which has almost been forgotten and used to be the settlers’ sustenance par excellence. Today the island’s inhabitants have thrown themselves into the growing tourist industry, which is the main economic support in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the Canary Islands as a whole.

Puerto Santiago grows and develops extensively. It is noteworthy that it is collectively referred to by many travel agencies as Los Gigantes (The Giants).

Over the past few years, various hotels have been built to meet the most demanding tastes and very attractive prices are offered in order to increase the number of visitors, who will also enjoy an infrastructure including a variety of services and facilities in tune with modern time requirements.

It has a very small but clean beach area with nice clear waters. This beach is 50 meters long and 22 meters wide on average, where fishing boats anchor, although it can not be considered to be a port, and not even a shelter.

The Sand Beach is only half a kilometre away from Puerto Santiago’s fishing area and with its own peculiarities; it is a comfortable and accessible site for bathers.

Either place is accessible by bus or taxi and both offer services such as spas, restaurants and a Red Cross post, although Las Américas Hospital is 30 kilometres away.


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